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News release 4-1-20




Health and Safety Announcement


Hello to all:


I hope this update finds everyone staying at home and practicing social distancing. To date, none of our staff or myself have shown any symptoms of this terrible virus. While early indications were showing that the pandemic would end soon, new information has obviously shown a dramatic spike in cases, especially in cluster areas; but Philadelphia may be one of the next cluster areas.


Honestly, guidance is very confusing and at this point, I am concerned about what to think. With the information I have at this moment, I have decided to essentially close the office and have our staff stay at home. Vinni will continue to monitor phone calls but more than ever, only emergency calls please. Unfortunately, on top of everything else, we had a power surge which destroyed our compressor and I am having a very difficult time getting it fixed. Most businesses are in lockdown so it will be up to me to figure it out. That means I really can only do tele-dentistry and treat emergencies such as fever, swelling, pain with medications if possible, or referral to the appropriate colleague for root canals, extractions, etc. But again, I am pushing hard to be here and ready to continue your care when things settle down.


It is so important to keep and re-start your dental and hygiene therapy as soon as we can accommodate you in the schedule. I appreciate all the understanding with re-scheduling we have already received. Do not call the office to cancel appointments; wait for us to contact you since this is constantly evolving. We will monitor calls via our communication software but may not be able to return all calls since we will be doing so from home. If a true emergency, leave message and Vinni will see it and call you, triage the situation, then inform me. I anticipate late April to begin seeing patients again on a regular basis. We will contact you and move you to an appropriate time slot; we will expand hours and days to accommodate everyone as much as possible. We need to get everyone back on track.


My days are spent protecting the well being of my clients and my staff; I am also doing projects at the office to further advance our technology for when you return. I can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for true 21st century dentistry. With your help, we will keep the office viable and stronger than ever, but this effort will take all of us.


Please be safe, monitor for symptoms (tight chest, fever, shortness of breath), social distance, and stay away from emergency rooms unless you are extremely ill. We have checked in with most of our senior population to make sure they were ok and getting information.


Please follow the website and email for more information as I digest it.


Dr. Yost and the most amazing staff ever!