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Oral Hygiene

While Dr. Kenneth Yost and our team do everything possible to help protect your teeth and smile, the most important preventive care occurs at home.

Nothing can replace a good oral hygiene routine, and during your regular visits to Advanced Dental Artistry, we will review your oral hygiene and offer recommendations on ways you can improve your at-home dental care.

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Dr. Yost and his staff provide a professional and welcoming environment. Dr. Yost is a craftsman. He is careful in his communication which makes the patient confident about seeing the dentist. Call them now for an appointment to experience what a true professional provides.

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Dr. Yost recommends using a small, soft bristled ADA®-approved toothbrush alongside fluoridated toothpaste to help maintain your oral health. For added efficiency, we suggest using an electric toothbrush and changing out the brush head every three months. Make sure to scrub in gentle circular motions over every surface of the tooth, especially over chewing surfaces.

Dr. Kenneth Yost also recommends routine flossing to help remove plaque and debris between teeth, which keeps your gums and mouth healthy. As with brushing, remember to be gentle as you floss each individual tooth and take your time to move the floss up and down along the side of your tooth to reach between spaces.

Contact us if you have questions about oral hygiene or to speak with our hygiene team about how to maintain your oral hygiene in Wilmington, Delaware. Call us today at 302-477-1888 to schedule a visit with our dentist!