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Implant-Retained Dentures

If you have lost multiple teeth, Dr. Kenneth Yost may recommend an implant-retained denture to restore your confident smile. This treatment combines traditional dentures with implant dentistry to give you a solution that can fully restore your smile, oral health and oral function while remaining cost effective.

Implant-retained dentures consist of a complete or partial denture which is anchored into your mouth using dental implants. The implants allow your dentures to feel and function like your original teeth, restoring your ability to chew, speak and smile normally, without worrying that your denture will come loose.

New advances in computer technology allow Dr. Yost to provide exceptional prosthetics that were not available years ago. Nothing is more exciting than taking a patient with ill-fitting and loose dentures, especially lower dentures, and helping them achieve a solid, well-retained and removable prosthetic to improve their oral function and transform their life.

We can also provide fixed bridges and implants in many situations for a patient who desires a result that more closely reflects their original teeth.

We welcome you to contact Advanced Dental Artistry at 302-477-1888 to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentist and learn more about the benefits of implant-retained dentures in Wilmington, Delaware.

Patient Reviews

My office visits are always professional and thorough. Dr. Yost is extremely competent and very professional in a very relaxed atmosphere. The staff is just as competent but always friendly as well. I have worked with dr. Yost for years and will continue for many more years.

Carolyn M.