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Post-Op Care for Tooth Extractions

Dr. Kenneth Yost will provide you with instructions on what to do after you have received a dental crown or bridge. These instructions are also included below.

After receiving a crown or bridge:

  • Do not eat for at least two hours or until the anesthesia has worn off
  • Continue to brush and floss normally
  • If your bite is unbalanced, schedule an appointment with our team for an adjustment
  • If you are experiencing sensitivity, you can take a mild pain reliever or rinse with warm saltwater (½ tsp in eight ounces of water) to relieve discomfort

If you have received a temporary crown or bridge while your final restoration is being created:

  • Avoid chewing on sticky foods
  • Brush normally, but be sure to pull the floss through rather than lifting up
  • If your temporary comes off, slip it back on and call our office so that we can re-cement it for you

If you have any questions or to make an appointment with our dentist in Wilmington, Delaware, call Advanced Dental Artistry today at 302-477-1888.

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My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Yost for over 20 years. His practice is absolutely top notch. His staff are caring, respectful, and wonderful...

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