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Implant-Supported Removable Dentures

Another solution Dr. Kenneth Yost may recommend to replace your missing teeth and restore your smile is an implant-supported removable denture. Sometimes referred to as overdentures, this treatment is designed to restore your oral function and smile so that you can eat, speak and smile confidently.

Implant-supported removable dentures marry the traditional denture with the implant-retained denture to give you a semi-permanent dental appliance. This eliminates the possibility of “floating” dentures as well as the need for denture adhesives or creams to keep your appliance in place, while allowing you the freedom to remove your dentures as you please. This gives you the best of both types of treatment and offers a solution that is both cost-effective and high-quality.

Your dentures are custom designed to fit your mouth perfectly and provide you with a beautiful smile. They are anchored to several strategically-placed implants to give you the stability needed to speak, eat and smile normally. This is an excellent option for replacing all the teeth in a dental arch or just some of the teeth.

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