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Dental Fillings

At Advanced Dental Artistry, we provide composite dental fillings to repair and restore your teeth. This simple restoration is an excellent option for repairing minor to moderate tooth damage, such as that caused by a cavity or minor fracturing or chipping.

Dr. Kenneth Yost has completed numerous continuing education courses regarding restorative dentistry and has chosen to use composite, or tooth-colored, filling material when providing dental fillings. This is a natural-looking solution for your smile that promotes better long-term oral health.

Composite dental fillings are most beneficial as they include:

  • A filling material that bonds to your teeth, providing more support for the structural integrity of your teeth
  • Greatly reduced risk that your treated tooth will break or fracture in the future
  • Insulation from temperature changes caused by foods and beverages
  • Better seals around the edges of the damaged area, increasing resistance to decay and leaks
  • The ability to repair cavities that are too small to be restored by amalgam (silver) fillings
  • Capacity to be repaired and replaced with greater ease, when needed
  • A safer and healthier solution, as no mercury or other metals are used

When you receive a filling, our dentist will select a color of filling that matches your other teeth to give you a beautiful smile. Your filling will then be placed so that you can leave our office with a restored smile after a single appointment.

Give us a call today at 302-477-1888 to schedule your appointment with our dentist and learn more about composite dental fillings in Wilmington, Delaware.

Patient Reviews

Everyone in my family goes to Dr. Yost and none of us have ever had complaints. Very kind and accommodating staff - they truly care about their patients.

Dylan R.