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Dental Bonding

If you are considering enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Yost may recommend dental bonding to help you achieve the results you desire. Dental bonding is a more conservative cosmetic treatment, working to improve the appearance of your teeth while also maintaining as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. Dr. Kenneth Yost typically recommends cosmetic bonding to:

  • Improve misshapen teeth
  • Improve chipped teeth
  • Improve stained or otherwise discolored teeth
  • Close large gaps between the teeth

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Dr. Yost and his staff are fantastic. Always prompt and efficient. They truly go "above and beyond" for their patients. Friendly and professional. Highly recommend them!

Doug B.


When you receive dental bonding, our dentist will place a malleable, teeth-colored resin material directly onto your teeth. This composite material is carefully selected to match the natural color of your teeth. You can also choose a shade of resin that is whiter and will brighten your smile.

The material will then be shaped and sculpted to correct the flaws in each affected tooth’s appearance before being polished to give you a beautiful, long-term result. The bonding process is quick and comfortable with no need for tooth preparation beforehand and no need for anesthetic during. Your treatment can be completed in a single appointment.

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